There are various standard screws you might have ever seen. Such as Metric screws, British standard screws, German standard screws and so on. You can easily get these standard screws with just its serial number in a hardware shop. But how about non-standard screws? In many cases, Indeed, they need to be customized. As a professional manufacturer of screws, YUHUANG® would like to give you some useful tips for customizing non-standard screws.    

non-standard screws

non-standard screws

Customization Process of 

Non-standard screws


First, it is necessary to know what effect should be achieved with this screw before customization. What is the role and performance? Is it tamper? Just tightening? Or is it used for matching the entire appearance of product? 

Second, listing your specific requirements. We will design the appearance, size and head shape of the non-standard screws accordingly and determine the material and surface treatment we use. If you have a design drawing, mark the specifications of each part of the non-standard screw on the drawing. If not, please provide products that use non-standard screws. 

 Finally, after the completion of sample, we will hand it over to your inspection to see if it is appropriate.  Mass production is carried out after your final confirmation. 


Founded in 1998, YUHUANG® Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has its own industry park providing one-stop service for the customizing & manufacturing of screws and fasteners. We are fully experienced supplier of micro screws, self -apping screws, stainless steel fasteners and so on. 

non-standard screws

non-standard screws

If you’re interested in purchasing Screws and fastener, be sure to check out the wide range of standard and custom products from Yuhuang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Our sales team is here to help with any questions or if you need to request a quote for custom plating on your screws order.

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